Mercedes-AMG’s New GT Black Series Brings All The Grille Possible

Screenshot via Mercedes-AMG

It happened. Not to be outdone by the big-nostril-nosed new BMW 4 Series, Mercedes-AMG brought out the new AMG GT Black Series with all the grille.

Image via Mercedes-AMG

With the same grille lines as the recent AMG GT3, pictured above, the new GT Black Series model presumably benefits from greater cooling capacity and engine airflow thanks to the gaping maw. Or, maybe that’s just so it has a bigger grille than last year’s model. That’s progress for ya.

The AMG GT Black Series is the latest “fast” version of the already fast AMG GT. This family now includes the AMG GT Coupe, AMG GT Convertible, and the AMG GT “It’s not a Sedan” 4-Door Coupe. The Black Series will, presumably, only be offered as a 2-door coupe.

Screenshot via Mercedes-AMG

In a video released earlier today, we get to see the newly-thickened AMG GT black series with its fender flares, vents, and two-tone silver and black paint job. Mercedes-AMG has yet to confirm performance specs, but we can expect capabilities somewhere between “very fast” and “doin’ a heckin’ ZOOM” in the inevitable digital reveal later this year.

Screenshot via Mercedes-AMG

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